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Hello, everyone!!!

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Nursers is feeling kinda forlornly, so I thought I'd post something here and make him feel better.


What should I post? Hmmmmm...since this is the Collaboration Corner, how about something collaborative, like an alphabet game...


Aardvarks are awe-inspiring.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Heres a potential idea for collaboration: some one comes up with a melody, or words, or a bass line, or a beat/rythm track(format to be decided on). It gets mailed from person to person and each individual adds a track and we figure some location to post it.Some ideas:

midi?(may leave the guitarists out which although I mostly tickle ivory I AM teaching myself guitar so that would not be too good)...I was thinking one of the audio formats but dont know which would be most wide spread or easiest to handle. Maybe good old fashion cassette or cd thru snail mail?That might actually give enough down time between passes to pursue real life/other stuff inbetween the layers. I used to do this on a small scale with a buddy of mine with two track cassettes, and although the hiss was enough to make a cat flinch, and we were forever tweaking with speed controls to get the pitch compatible;some of the sweetest juices flowed from those "sessions".Yahoo offers free email addresses where people could potentially collaborate.Just an idea...DOes anyone have or has put out a cd they heard recently that they liked? Feel like sharing?

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