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Will there be an Official FOF.org CD?? # of songs?

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I work for a large health care organization (5000+ employees) and I could potential get some sort of official support for the FOF.org website. However, I think it'd be best to wait until all the songs are done and available for download or on a CD that you could order along with what ever merchandise people can buy. So how many songs are there going to be and are they going to be downloadable only?

Just thought I'd post this question as I really believe in this cause.



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Hey Tenstrum:


I think the original intention was for there to indeed be a compilation CD. I'd say we need 8-10 songs at least...the more the better in my opinion. It seems like the momentum has really dropped unfortunately. Song #1 was done in a week, but #2-4 are taking us 2 months! I think we need some new bodies on collab corner to push it on through to a collection sizable enough for a CD. Just my humble opinion though. As soon as I have an appropriate song idea running through my head, I'll throw it on disk and post it. Looking forward to hearing your bass lines on song #4!




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I agree a CD is the way to go, and any support for the website is more than appreciated.


The momentum has slowed rather than dropped off, but there will need to be a great deal of collective motivation in order for this to come to the fruition it deserves :thu:

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Originally posted by PBBPaul:

Yes, the original intent was to release a song each 1 - 2 weeks until we had enough material for a CD. Song 1 came off perfectly but we've been mired in song 2 for two months now.

Just to be fair, the first song traget was 2 weeks, there was never any real agreement on subsequent songs. Also, nothing at all stopping Song 3 or 4 becoming the next release if they are further progressed ;)


The reality of everyday life has slowed things down. It doesn't at this stage mean things are going to stop. In fact when the next song is released it will probably get everyone even more motivated. But as I've stated, there are some fundamental flaws in the payment interface that will affect future success at least as much as the gap between songs :thu:

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I'm checking in here on a regular basis to keep up with how you guys are making out. I'm quite happy that there are a number of you who are still pounding away and only wish that I had my shit together to generate something.


The EZBus turned out to be a nightmare with my laptop and after 2 months of beating my head against it I've tossed it out on Ebay.

When this is replaced I hope to post something more useful than that last sound bite that is in the proper format with lyrics attached for you guys to review.


My thought is that it will be infinitely more efficient to post a guitar track with my lyrics but perhaps that's just my ignorance of the process.


I've kept up the writing and spirit for this project and hope to have a replacement UA-1000 this coming week. Perhaps then I'll be of some use.


Regardless of that... a CD is a tangible thing and would make the effort all that much stronger. 8 or 10 songs is not that far off.

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There also exists the fact that most people who would have contributed, have already done so via other aid agencies.

I think we may be doing this for ourselves at this point, not to burst any bubbles..

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You may be right Dan. However we can position this project as being long-term. Most aid agencies say it's going to take a decade to re-build and require ongoing donations over a long period of time...
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Look at the bright side...the slowing only means people are being more methodical and precise with the later songs.


I think I speak for quite a few who worked on the Number 1 project (I'm sure Phil, Bunny, and Fox anyhoo, and the publicity folks)...I got pretty toasted after busting to get that thing done. I'm glad it turned out well, but it might have turned out better if we'd had more time. So, in the meantime, we all have tunes. I have an acoustic alternate version of tune 1 that could count for another song on a comp CD.

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First question / answer from the FOF FAQ:


Why do we have to pay for the MP3?

The reason why the MP3 is only downloadable after payment is because all money from the MP3 downloads goes to the Disaster Emergency Committee to help with aid to help other charitable agencies administor aid quickly.


With the new "honor system" donations, this no longer makes sense, and might be confusing for some of the site's readership. :)


PS I do agree with what Tedster said to a degree... I certainly felt that there was a lot of "eagerness" to rush to get song #1 out as quickly as we could because of the urgent needs... I definitely think we could have improved on many things had we had more time (and more sleep ;) ), but OTOH, we DID get that done awfully quickly, and it did start helping people fairly quickly. And the MP3 does have a certain honest charm to it... and I really do like the song. :thu: I DO think you should do the acoustic version Tedster.

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