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Possible Online Payment solution. Nursers?

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I think I have a solution.

We need to get rid of Paypal asap so maybe an idea is to have several links for say the Red Cross, Christian Aide, UNICEF etc via our pages with a compulsary page where you say how much you are paying which also asks for NO details for your payment and then your directed to the page of organisation you are donating to.

We keep tabs on how much is raised via our pages and all payments are direct to the charities...

We will never have to handle money again which is great as its a pay in the butt but also it takes away any doubt as to wheter we are honest.

What do you reckon? would this work?


Also just so you know, the DEC will no longer be taking payments as of the 28th Febuary via their site so we need to work fast and get the pages sorted and links to other organisations up and running.

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