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Tsunami song 1 - Music

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Bunny, I'm using DP 4.12, so the files oughta be good to go. I don't expect I'll do much--if any--processing on 'em. Kick drum before anything else. I tend to be able to get some good useable sounds, raw.


I can provide individual tracks no problem; wouldn't they be huge files even with Shorten?


I should probably download Shorten tonight (if I don't have it already). Not a hassle to use is it? (Mac)

I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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Originally posted by Tedster '05:

I think it's earlier in this thread, Wow.

Here, Wow...


D ...A ...Bm ...E...

Em... A... F#m...G . A (G & 2 A 3 & 4 &)

D... A... Bm... E...

G... A... D... D...




G . G/F# A...

D . D/C# Bm. Bm/A

E ... A... F#m... G.G/F#

Em... A... Bm... E...

G... E... G... A...



"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Originally posted by DJDM:

Updated track headed your way Bunny! :thu:

DJDM, would you at all mind uploading it as well to my ftp as i would like to hear what you are doing to avoide replication :thu:
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Originally posted by Shars:


If theres anyone who wants to help here, we need email addresses for local radio stations in your region. The more people that help, the better.

Chris and I are doing the UK and have done all press agency/TV contacts for the UK this evening to so any help with radio contacts, tv contacts, press associations near you, anything that can get publicity to the cause would be great!

Just mail the list to me in .rtf to my personal email address sharminhall@aol.com


Shars, I sent you an email.
0096 2251 2110 8105
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Hey all. I'm back online and ready.

I guess Shars is down for the night, she's been a busy girl!


I will second the request for as much contact info as possible, please. We have been compiling addresses and emails all day, but you know your region best, which outlets have the loudest voice.

TV, radio, papers, even other websites you think may be willing or able to be used to get the word out.


We NEED to get this heard, the word will be spread, but we need to plan the attack well, so to speak. Keep the addresses coming...








I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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Originally posted by forceman:

nursers, dearie:


I just FTP'ed two files that I would like you to make available to Bunny:

1. Fender2.shn

2. Fretless2.shn


Both are dithered and Shortened.

Nothing in either pub or incoming directory :confused:
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