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NYC artist/singer/song writer looking to work with other artists/DJ's/producers.

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Hi, my names Mike. I'm a 21 year old artist/singer/song writer working on finishing up my demo. I've just finished a performance at CBGB's on June 21st where I did 2 songs: Forbidden - an electronic midtempo "ballad effect" track performed live with a "performance art" act containing interpretive dance with myself and another dancer, and Someday: a simple acoustic performance showing another side of myself. My main goal at this point is to continue performing to get my work out there to the public and gain exposure. I have a few performances I'm currently rehearsing for with a dancer and planning a possible special act with 2 other artists that we will take around to various clubs in NYC.


My main purpose for this Email is to introduce myself to you. I'm looking for other artists, DJ's, and producers to work with creatively and such. I would love for you to hear my work to get ideas and opinions as well as possibly work on extended club mixes to get them ready to play in clubs. One hand washes the other. Perhaps we can help each other out as I'm looking to web-out and make connections and creat some good work with other talented artists/DJ's/Producers. I'm not looking to work with anyone who is initially interested in making money off working together, but making money in the hopefully very near future when record exects get involved. Credit would be shared as rightfully deserved. I'm not looking to cheat anyone and I'm not looking to be cheated


The type of music that I do is all over the place. Mainly inspired by electronica (with one track containing a sample of work by "Prodidy") my music has elements of Pop, Rock and even classical mixed in. I don't see myself like any other artist, but if I had to compare I would say my work can range and be familiar to that of Madonna, John Mayer, Kylie Minogue, Avril Lavigne, David Bowie, and Sinread O'Connor.


If you find this interesting and would like to hear some of my work I'd like to send you some MP3's and possibly set up a meeting. Feel free to reach me here at Cyb3rPunk1dol@aol.com or at 203 641 0376 (CT cell #, but I live in Queens, NY.) Thanks a lot for your time! Take care!




PS: I wont really be returning much to this site so please Email or call.

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