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Would like to have producer (critics) corner

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I'm doing some productions and comments like the song should be shorter or the drums stink, or the guitar solo sucks, would be appreciated.


The "listen to my music" here section seems to be ignored. So having a few dedicated critics might be more productive for the willing. Any gamblers here?


Fade Away

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Originally posted by alcohol_:

wasn't much enthusiasm for this thread anyway.

Probably 'cause it took some thought to get to the tune. A link would have been nice.


About the tune:


1. I like it.

2. The guitar tone and solos don't match the tune. I would like to hear a cleaner, less processed tone with a melody that dances around the song's melody. A little Surf/Rock-a-billy twang maybe.

3. I like the bass/tom part but would probably have tried for more of a clean Gretsch/Bigsby tone on that guitar part (I'm hearing Brian Setzer's sound on "Stray Cat Strut").

4. Maybe it's just me but I think that the vocal harmonies should be a lot tighter and in tune.


This is a nice sparkly tune. I think the recording needs to be really tight to capture that 'sparklyness'.


Disclaimer: The opinions above are strictly my own and may be totally worthless. I certainly didn't have any of my stuff represented at the Grammys. No offense is intended or implied in any way.

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Thanks for the comments. I like the tune too. I'm 55 and these guys are 18 and 19. Your comments mirror my feelings. since I'm providing the recording time for free. My son is one of the members. I'm going to insist on their version and mine.


Sometimes I feel that because of the age gap, my musical instincts are not wrong but jjust of sync with what's contemporary. This is why I initiated this thread.


I'm going to make the link active.


Fade Away

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