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Cereal, Big K...

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Hi Guys....


I've had a PM to each of you that I sent out days ago that has not been read yet. It's in regard to Seasick and its' inclusion on the Fantasy League 1 CD Compilation. The individual tracks are needed again for the mixdown. I have set up FTP access, but if you have your own... that's fine too.


I believe that Sylver will be doing the mix... Please check in. If there's no interest in completing the submission, please let us know. If there has not been something pulled together on Seasick in the near future; I'll abandon the interest in supporting the idea of it making it to the Fantasy League Project CD #1.

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Thanks B_3guy, I'll contact Sylver and let him know just in the event he doesn't look at this thread. :thu:


Sylver, if you check in to this thread; please let me know that you have successfully retrieved the file so I can pull the file down.


Bob, you might want to grab a copy for yourself.


Anyone know how many tracks Cereal has?

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Because I'm not a record engineer and I don't really understand what all goes into the final mastering process. I'm hoping Sylver opens up and sees this because I'd rather the file not be on for a long time with it's size.
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Oh, I didn't mean to sound

sarcastic or anything...


I just need the final

stereo mix to do the mastering...


If you want to delete the file, go ahead,

then after you determine when sylver

could d/load it, I could re-u/load it for him...



Bob Phillips


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Sorry Bob,


I wasn't attempting to be hateful, if that's how you received my reply. I was just answering your question without putting a whole lot of thought into it.


I'll go ahead and remove the file, and when Sylver can let me know a good time that he will be accessing, I'll upload B_3's and MY tracks for him...

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