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S/W/M seeks....

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Thanks for the kind words Bob.


However, due to the extreme lack of activity and interest for this project, I am withdrawing my musical section, and idea concept for this 'dead in the water' collab.

What we record in life, echoes in eternity.


MOXF8, Electro 6D, XK1c, Motif XSr, PEKPER, Voyager, Univox MiniKorg.


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I have to apologize here, especially to Dan! I was supposed to be going to a different work schedule that would have allowed me more free time for my musical and graphic pursuits on the side but we are having a hell of a year right now and I've been doing the 50-60 hour week thing since the year started. We've done some hiring at work so things should level back off in a bit but right now I haven't done much of anything....I don't think I've turned the keys on in a month or so here :(


So once again I'm sorry to everyone.


I probably should have posted something here before now but I don't get here often right now and there was always that "it's gonna get better real soon" thought going on in the back of my mind.


Darkon the Incandescent





Hail Vibrania!

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