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Fantasy League - Bringing in a new guy

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Hey people. I have a question for ya.


Our singer has been inactive for some time now. He has had some serious computer, family & job problems - poor guy. I have waited for him to see if he could still participate in our songs but I think the time has come to stop waiting. (If you are reading this Mr Singer, you're not being dumped, please give us a shout!)


We are looking at bringing in someone else to do the vocals. I know this may be a little unfair for some of the other teams who had similar problems, however, my team & I think it would be a better option then continuing to postpone our progress.


I/we also feel that the Fantasy League adventure is now so far away from the original plan (7 teams, Sept 1st etc) that the original 'rules' are now much more flexible.


I did want to run this past everyone though, just so you know what we're planning. As it stands, it's either we bring in someone, finish our two current songs & begin work on some more; or we post 2 instrumentals that could do with vocals.


By the way, other than this everything is great in the Double Post camp. We got a happy little family over there.


John Scott

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