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My Big News - Some Dates

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Hi guys


Hopefully some of you will be a little more sympathetic about waiting for our team, Double Post, to submit 2 finished products if you read my Homeward Bound thread in the SSS.


The good news for this project is that I have SONAR back home and will be able to do some mixing. So, assuming we have all the parts in place by then, I'll get the mixes done shortly after my arrival in Scotland on October 19th. There is also a chance I could mix on the East Coast, where I will be between the 8th & 18th.


Thanks for understanding

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Yeah well so for for The Gods Of Rock, Dogs Of Rap, Progs Of Shee-ite, whatever you are you.


It's cool Dan, so you're in Philly? Looks like I'll just miss ya. I'm eager to be home too - to see my friends & family, but it just sucks that I'm going home 'coz I HAVE to, not 'coz I want to.


Despite it being so obvious, that's the first time someone has called me FlySwats!

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