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Renaissance Electronica Project

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In mainstream electronic music has molded into a certain form, which lacks the classical skill of playing; that is, ability to control notes, not timbre. Especially instrumental electronic music is built on a principal of repetition: one sequence and it's variations match a song.


Originally playing and structure had more important role. The most selling and recognized electronic music composers (J-M Jarre, Florian/Hutter) combined classical playing and structure into unique timbres and programming.


Renaissance Electronica Project, RET, aims to bring playing (understood more traditionally) and more interesting structure back into instrumental electronica. Project's website and manifest can be found in http://ret.says.it


RET is just launched and meant to be an open collective so I'm looking for interested collaborators. If you're interested in composing this manifest-type electronica, please take contact.

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Hip, I really like the "Untitled #1". I am afraid I don't have the skills to join in with you but if I could I surely would. Keep going!!!



ME: "Nobody knows the troubles I've seen!"


Unknown Voice: "The Shadow do!"

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Oh man look what you did!

You made me come out of my shell lol. :love:


I also feel that we have lost a sort of feeling when it comes to electronica music and I have been trying to make music to break that mold for the 2 and a half years that I have been a musician!



is one of my many songs...if you want to hear more let me know.

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