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Now The Double Post You've All Been Waiting For

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Originally posted by nursers:

Hi everyone,


We appear to have a glitch on this forum with double posts. I will be working throughout the day to delete all double posts.

YES! thanks god it's not just me, .. There is a double post problem over at brakka's forum to. As the team leader(1 of 2) and one of the he "admins" of our area I have been dealing with it for a few months now. It may start to piss me off :)


Kevin Nemrava

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Double Post!!!


Brakka just double posted again.... this has GOT to be the name of your band. It's inevitable! No to Super Pedestrians........ hey, and JDL, aren't you on the God's of Rock team?


Tell WeWu that God spelled backwards is Dog, so that makes you guys the Dog's of Rock!!! :D:D:D


Hi Wewus ;):wave:

You can take the man away from his music, but you can't take the music out of the man.


Books by Craig Anderton through Amazon


Sweetwater: Bruce Swedien\'s "Make Mine Music"

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