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Not a "Team Player," But...

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well, by the time i found this forum, it appeared that there were teams picked and stuff being worked on and all kinds of collaboration activity going on...feeling kind of a day late and a dollar short, i went out looking for a collaborator, and last night we finished our first project & just wanted to post the results here. actually got quite lucky...juhani had the music already written and recorded, which we transferred via webservers...i knocked around with it for a day or so and came up with lyrics and a melody...only bad part is now it's over...but wanted to share it somewhere! so here's a quick listen to our collaboration between Virginia and Sweden...





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Hi x-factor,


The Fantasy League thing was a great idea thought up by a number of members, and this is the first one. I am guessing no-one knows whether it will be a seasonal thing or what. But yes, please keep on checking in!



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