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Do you think Collaboratively like me?

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I cant help it, whenever I meet somebody new who says they can play something or sing a certain way, I always automatically start wondering if I could work with them in at all.


Here's some examples: At Phil O'Keefe's place last week I discovered his wife could sing gospel. Straight away I thought of our very own Jack Sylver and how he's got a new song he wants some gospel vocals on.


Then I hear that her daughter can also sing. She likes my tunes so I ask if she'd like to sing on some. (the answer was yes, thankfully) Soon I'll be at Bunny's place where hopefully we will write some songs together.


I just cant seem to say "Oh, you sing, that's cool" I seem to have to find a way of collaborating with them!


I'm not saying this is a problem, I just wondered if anyone else is the same.


John Scotsman

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a-ha im the same too!


not so much with collaboration but sampling and integrating into my music.


my girlfriend is from former-yugoslavia and she plays her old tapes and cd's from the balkans and my ears prick up... hmmm i could sample that...


likewise i meet some girl in a guitar store playing her new guitar and singing and i gave her my card, am recording her soon.


i think its kinda healthy, jumping on oppurtunities like that, as long as you arent doing 2392037072327983 things at once, like i once found myself doing


well maybe not 2392037072327983 things per se... but you get the drift

Tron fought the MCP,

i love my MPC.




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Yey! I'm not a freak! Glad you agree with me, I agree with you too!


Right, NurseBoy, I see you're getting serious! Well at least my ancestors aren't criminals! I'm gonna get my mut to piss on yer barbie & shit in yer yute!


Sorry D_Samp, this is all directed at one person, not all your countrymen, that scallywag knows who he is!

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Thanks Harry.


Yeah I heard something about that Wewus, such a shame for a talent like that to be lost. I bet the Wallabys were relieved though. The All Blacks new #11 looks OK, but not quite tough enough I dont think.


Now if only the Scottish team had even heard of catching a ball, we might be OK.

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