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My Wife's Show: An Update (She WON!)

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You may remember a topic I started recently called [url=http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=007578]My Wife Is In A Show![/url] The show she was in is called [i]15 Minutes of Fem[/i]. As I mentioned in the other thread, "'FEM' is [i]15 Minutes of Fem[/i]'s abbreviation for Female. Over the course of eight nights of FEM shows, a total of 32 women will be featured. There are four performers each night. The following is posted at the FEM Website: 'Each performance, one woman advances to our 'Best Of' night on September 30th. The Grand Prize? One-on-one meetings with LA's Top Casting Directors. And get this: YOU will choose the winner.'" What I didn't mention was that this is the third edition of this show. [i]15 Minutes of Fem[/i] has run twice before and two 'Best Of' Night winners have already been chosen out of scores of women. My wife, [b]Ongelique[/b] (AKA [i]janedoe[/i], her stage name), was the 107th performer in these three editions. Now here's the big news: [b][i]my wife won![/i][/b] She will be advancing to the finals on the "Best Of" Night on Monday, September 30th. [b]But wait, there's more![/b] ;) [i](This next bit of info may be confidential, so please don't reveal it if you go to one of these shows...)[/i] Ongelique won by the biggest margin in the history of all three editions of [i]15 Minutes of Fem[/i]! She really did well! I'm [i]so[/i] proud of her! :love: For Angelenos who want to support Ongelique on the "Best Of" Night on Monday, September 30th, I should let you know that tickets will be harder to come by that night because many of the seats will be reserved for casting directors. However, a few seats will be available to the public on a first come, first served basis. I don't believe that it's possible to make reservations yet, but I'll post again when I have more info. Thanks for your support. Best, Geoff -- For more FEM info, check out the official website at [url=http://www.15minutesoffem.com]www.15minutesoffem.com[/url] For more information about Ongelique (AKA janedoe), visit her website: [url=http://www.janedoeintegrity.com]www.janedoeintegrity.com[/url]

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Damn man, That's great! [b]Ongelique! You go Girl!!!! :thu: Break a leg on the next one too. I know I missed seeing you at the last funtion because you were re-writing your part. Must have been one hell of a good re-write. The good news almost makes up for not seeing you again.[/b]


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