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Focusrite and GT special?

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I'm starting to dive into mic pre's and large diaphram condensers... I came across an ad at GC for a "special", a Focusrite trackmaster pre for $399 and they throw in a GT 55 mic as well... (Normally $299). This SOUNDS like a good deal, (for a guy who's NOT gonna buy a 1k pre or mic)... Any thoughts? guitplayer

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Hello ! IMO it is a GREAT offer. The Trackmaster is an affordable but cool micpreamp which has deserved very positive reviews. It's a FocusRite ! Yeah, someone could tell now that it's a "cheap Focusrite" but on that price range it is still a great choice. Now... If you add the GT 55 FET (not tube) Large Diaphragm, the offer seems to be insane ! The GT is worth the total price by itself. Since you're GuitPlayer, here it goes an observation: Any of both devices are not exactly the best option for miking distorted guitars. Both units seem to work better on acoustic guitars and vocals, live ensembles... etc.

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Before you buy I'd suggest you check the Focusrite service policies. I've heard absolute horror stories about getting their stuff fixed and it's not the most reliable to start with. Personally I'd steer clear as I try to buy stuff that doesn't tear up. I'm only commenting from reading people's posts. I've never owned any Focusrite stuff so you can take my words with a grain of salt.
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