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Forced Obsolesence

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Car manufacturers have been doing this for years. They release a car with a shnazzy design only to be replaced with another model with slight cosmetic differences in a few years. They change the body style, maybe add a few bells and whistles, and even though the workings of the car may be good for another 10 years, people feel compelled to buy the new car to keep up with the neighbors. The same could be said for fashion. Broad stripes are cool summer 1999, but next summer it's a no-no. Backwards hats are hot in 2001, but now it's a crime. How much of this do you think goes on in the world of audio gear and software? Have you bought products that the manufacturers no longer support? Have you been forced into buying an upgrade when you really didn't need it? I was running windows98 on one of my computers and it was rock solid. I upgraded to ME when it first came out... hated it, so I went back to 98. Then they release XP a year later. OS development is a huge undertaking and I know they didn't just throw XP together in a year. Why did they release a sub-par ME then? Sometimes I feel like I'm being nickel and dimed by software companies. Thoughts?
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