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Heres a Great Jazz Drummer Mickey Roker and Les DeMerle


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For all you younger Drummers , Heres something for yous to check out . Lately on all web site forums I constantly read about these new younger Players whether its Chad Smith, Travis Barker, and in the Jazz area its Jazz Studio cats , as Weckl, Smith, Chambers, Colaiuta, These without a doubt are smokin drummers in technique , Studio work, Playing Electri,Acostic, True today as are Athlets todays studay in Aronomics, Body Movement , the availability to acheive unbelieveable heights in speed and stamina , just the science alone has brought all of this to a whole new level . No Doubt we have the finest Athlets just in phsical development . So its true with Drumming we have taken this beyound just the Art, God given talent we possess to now it's been analized, disected, to the degree of remarkable acheivement. But I'm now talking about these Drummers as Roker who possess this God given talent to the extremes as Buddy Rich has, lets not forget nor ignore these pioneers of our industry, from there recommendations alone new developments in design of the Drums,cymbals given the rest of us the avenues now needed to express ourselves more diffinitively and Back to Mickey Roker check him out on Horace Silvers Albums , especially " In Pursuit of the 27th Man" or with Mily Jackson in the Album Olinga his work on this is astounding, Funky, rolling triplets This is Funky as is Harvey Mason Playing for Quincy Jones Album " I Heard That" I have a real problem hearing Chad Smith as a Funky Player even though he was voted No#1 on Readers Polls of MD I just don't get it , Check on Sandy McKee Playing for Cold Blood , This Cat cooked playing 2 20 inch Camico Bass drums that would put alot of these double bass guys today to really work at their craft instead of their glorifing what they do now! And Les Demerle man back in the 60's the was DeMerle, Guerin, Pocaro,Blaine, And demerle was a Monster Player hear him in Pat Williams Album Thershold ' Especially the Song ' Mr.Smoke" He was a great Big Band drummer . were as Roker was suttle yet dynamic. Funky,funky,Funky Come on youngstres check it out........Sincerely Peace Serpico3
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When I was 16 I got to play with Louis Bellson (I was playing piano) in a Big Band...it was one of the greatest experiences of my life...to be sitting right next to Louis watching him smoke on quick BeBop and then pull out an extra pair of sticks to solo with 2 sticks in each hand...man...he was one of the best drummers of all time.


Sure Louis Bellson couldn't do a lot of the crazy stuff someone like Weckl does but as far as style and musicality he's definitly amongst the best.


All my favorite drummers (Tony Williams, Max Roach, Louis Bellson, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, etc) should definitly be studied and admired by younger players...it's a shame not too many young guys are exposed to the genius of the founders of modern drumming.

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While at the NAMM show today, I saw a new DVD being released by Hal Leonard that is nothing but Vintage Drum Solos.


MAN ... What a gas!! This thing had footage with Krupa, Rich, and a cool spot with Joe Morello playing a solo on set with his hands in 1961 while playing with Brubeck!


You got to get this one!




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