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There is no way that Ron..........


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he can't possibly think that any Yahoo can do what Rabb and Verdi did. I find it hard to believe that he doesn't realize that those scores take one hell of a drummer. I know and you know and we all know that fast is just one technique of drumming, BUT there is no way that it doesn't involve great control and great hands. I would know off the bat that a guy with that much has to be able to much more that that.

Show me the person that would put his heart and soul into speed drumming alone, and not care about drumming. It is almost nonsense to believe this would ever exist. what would you do with that? if some guy comes along and does that, then he is the 1 out of a million that grossly wasted his time. Now, Ron knows Art and Rabb, he knows they are both GREAT drummers in every sense of the word, and I think it is time for him to admit that, and more than that, endorse the WFD, or at least write an article, interviewing some of these guys, and getting the record straight on their thoughts, and not just HIS OWN.

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I read a post, I think on the Evans board, that said that any newspaper or magazine has to cater to it's readers on what ever they would be interested in reading. Now i'm sure that all Modern Drummer readers are not against W.F.D. W ith M.D. 95 % of the time all you read is put downs of sport drumming. I get M.D.and if it weren't for these boards I wouldn't know that Tim Waterson even exsisted, and he's been feet champion for at least a year. These people that pay their good money to read M.D. can't read about W.F.D. because Ron don't like it. I believe the people that like sports drumming are being cheated out of what they like to read.
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