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Beware DONOT CLICK on DRUMMERonline.com


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TO all Fellow Drummers, Especially you young Drummers, Now I know I'm going to get some ridicule on this but here it goes anyway , First let me say I am not Prejudice or Homophobic nor am I gay . But by accident I was web browseing looking for all DrummerWeb sites and I came across on MSN Directory a site called Drummeronline and with no furthur explaination or description and it was listed amounst other Drummer web Pages , So I clicked on the Web Site.To my Amazement and shock it was a Gay Male Leather Clad Web site all about that Distorted and sick way of life, I say that because thats how I feel about that, And How Dare they, Encroach upon a Profession of dedicated Musician and use that Name all for What? Shock Value, if so they've succeeded but I believe it's more sinister than that just to entrap a young person to expose them to there world of Filth. I know it sounds I hate Gays but I really don't . I just don't condone that form of life style nor do I appreciate there using my profession to exploit there agenda . Name it something else , Maybe what it is the World of the sick and demented......serpico3
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Hey Serpico!

I had the very same experience myself!


It reminds me of another experience when I was trying to do research on a Jeep Wrangler I once owned and I went to Chrysler.com ... up until Chrysler bought the name back, it was a porn site!


Once there, the site took my browser hostage, and new pages were opening as fast as I could close them! It finally crashed my computer!! I was able to restore the machine, but boy what a hassle (or hussle, depending on your viewpoint!!!)


This type of misleading web exploitation has nothing to do with these guys (or gays) choice of lifestyle, but rather about a misleading representation and a way to lure unsuspecting browsers into the lair!


Unfortunately, many times this means young impressionable little people, and this makes me angry!


I agree. BEWARE!


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They seem to have gone by the name Drummer for 27 years...I don't think anyone was trying to mislead kids or you.


I also noticed there are BIGTIME disclaimers before you can enter the site...this isn't worth getting upset over.


I also navigated the site a bit...it's very difficult to get to anything "dirty," and lots of the links are password (member only) protected.


I hope you're not saying they don't have a right to use the name Drummer for their organization.


BTW, I'm very sorry that you have problems accepting alternate life choices/lifestyles.


I do agree with you guys on one thing, there are a lot of very annoying websites out there that force you to view stuff you aren't even looking for...I just don't think this is one of them.


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Hey, Steve:

No one is implying anything wrong with alternative lifestyles. There are those that live by it, those that die by it, those of us that acknowledge it's existance, but do not have to agree with it (in that we choose a more traditional relationalship role), and those that are just plain unaccepting or even ugly about their stance against it.


At least on this forum, we will respect each other for our individual rights and just stick to the topics that relate to our all being brothers and sisters "in drum!"


As far as the use of the word drummer ... I would never personally want to send the wrong message to someone by telling them that I am a drummer! Times change and the meanings do as well. If it were the 1920's as a drummer, folks would think that I am peddling products door to door! Talk about a conflicting use of the word!


I think this is more of a frustration as it would be if a registered nurse who was serious about healing people went to www.nurse.com and found a site that portrayed women of porn dressed in nothing but nurse hats, white thigh highs, and white high heels. ( I actually started to like the sound of that! but I digress!)


This would just fly in the face of someone serious about their career and talent. Drummer.com and drummeronline.com have this affect on me. But that is just me.


Hope this clarifies things.


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Hey, I'll say it ...


I have a problem with "alternative" (gay) lifestyles. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/confused.gif

No problems with people, just the choices they make.


How's that? LOL

Feels good to not try and please everyone with your opinion doesn't it?


You can live your life how you choose. I don't have to approve or agree with your choices; you don't have to approve or agree with mine.

Let's just leave like that okay.

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It's cool, no problem...my post was just in response to the original post on this thread that seemed to imply using the domain name "Drummer" was in some way a cheap trick to attract children to their website.


In defense of the site...they made it very clear it wasn't for children and even made it pretty difficult for minors to get to the content.


OK, now I'm off to renew my membership with Drummeronline http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif.


hehe (just kidding)

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