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Recording the Kick drum


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Another recording question for you experts. When I recorded the kick drum, I used a Senn. 451 (i think) which worked out really great. I placed the mic pointing insided the drum through the little hole in the skin. The mic extends about 4 inches inside the kick drum. One comment I received, it sounded too much like a dull thud, i.e., no beater sound. Granted, this might be preferrable to some, but I was wondering if I am doing something wrong here. I used some compression on the incoming signal, but not sure of those levels.
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thank for referring to us (especially me) as an expert...


Tell us about your kick(+ heads and beater etc.)


Tell us about your room/s


Tell us about your signal path and monitor setup and where you have been playing back.


And then you will get a whole slew of answers on how to record one of the hardest to make sound great instruments on the planet.


Plus, everybody hears things differently anyways...I wouldn't sweat it too much.



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i use a sennheiser 421 for kick (it's an old standard to be sure), and the kick in question is a rogers 22x14. i have eq3 heads front and back, with a 4" hole cut into the lower right of the front head.


i experimented with the bass rolloff, only to decide that i got better results by using the board's eq and leaving the 421 on 'm'.


i'm also using a roundish wooden beater, so 'attack' isn't a problem with my kick tracks, but if you are using a felt beater, i could see how it could be. damark makes a kick batter head patch with a small metal (?) disc behind it to exaggerate kick attack, which might work for you- i've also seen a guys that used a quarter and a square of duct tape with the same results.


you might also try putting another mic on the batter side, aimed at the point where the beater hits the skin, but it may create more problems (phasing, bleed) than it solves.


btw, i only use two mics on my setup- a large diaphragm condensor 3' back from the front of the kit, approx 5' high, aimed 'twords the snare, is my second mic.


i'm going for the stax/fame/king drum sound, and that really nails it!

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