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Sonor Jungle Snare


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Has anyone bought one of these things? How much did you pay?


I played one at NAMM and it was great. Would make an excellent auxiliary snare for loop-based music (recording and live). But no one seems to carry it in the Bay Area, and I can't find anyone who sells it online.



Just for the record.
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Hey, Sidereal:


I own one! I use it for unplugged stuff and funk! I even have been known to just set the thing on top of my main snare and play it!


I actually talked the drum dept manager at my local Sam Ash into seperating it from a Sonor Jungle Kit for me. I think I paid around $100 . The dislike is that my snare does not have a throw-off. I understand that Sonor has updated the drum to include a throw-off and do believe that it is now offered seperately.


Here is an excerpt from the Press that DRUM! ran on this upgrade to the Jungle Snare.


..."Like adding power windows to a Cadillac, Sonor has added a fully releasable snare mechanism to their Jungle snare drum, allowing players to adjust the snare tension to suit their musical needs. The shell construction and mix of brass jingles remain as on the original -- hey, if it ain't broke -- only now the drum can be played as a mini timbali in addition to the traditional high pitched and acoustic sounds. Sonor, 10223 Sycamore Dr., Ashland, VA 23005. 1-800-550-2700."


Hope this helps!


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i bought one of the ludwig 'jungle' kits (called the gig lite), and i was really unhappy with the snare. it was birch, 13x3.5, and i couldn't figure out why it sounded so lame! tuning high, tuning low.... yuck.


so i'm going to put on a new set of ambassadors, and it dawns on me the problem may lie with the ittybitty snares- only 6! a new set of puresounds, along with the remo heads, and i finally have a cool little snare- but why on earth ludwig thought the 6 snares was enough is beyond me!

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Hey, Nanajoyce!

Welcome to Drum Talk!

Please do go to the thread "Inquiring Minds Want To Know" and let us know more about you!


Yes, you were lucky ... that Ludwig did not opt to put a little side mounted "fan" snare (ala the PTS Remo series)


Glad the new snares made the drum happen for you!

It goes to show, that sometimes "hot rodding" your drums is the way to go!



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