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Can Anyone shed some Info on the New Gretsch Maple Renown Series Drums?


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Wow , I've seen alot of web sites for drummers but this MusicPlayer.com has got the others beat by a mile , GREAT STUFF in here. Anyway , I just purchased a Gretsch Maple Renown Series Set ,I know there the imported ones I tried out a set at my dealer and they are BURN "IN " and next to there American counter part which I already own , you can't tell the difference in tone , quality or sound there incredible and fotr the Money almost 3000.00 less for a 5 piece set , Man I really can't believe it , So anyone out there tell me , How they do this? I'm so tripped out over this kit, I own 5 other kits , and this set again for the Money they cost , UNBELIEVABLE, you gotta check these out , and one more thing I never can find any info on Drummers Mickey Roker and Les Demerle Help me out Here ? THANKS Serpico3
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Hey, Serpico:


Thanks for the great comments on MusicPlayer.com!


We are working very hard to make it *the* place for drummers to "hang"! Any suggestions will be greatly considered and appreciated!


Regarding the Gretsch kit ... in the last 10 years, the Taiwanese have worked very hard to master drum set building. As stated in an earlier post, ... I have toured most of the plants there and you would be surprised at how efficient and clean they are.


The quality of kits coming out of there just keeps getting better. Gretsch has always had "That Great Gretsch Sound" due to two things ... 1) They utilize a Maple/Gum/Maple shell -the gum is porous and absorbs some of the unwanted overtones) and 2) The aluminum paint used on the shells interior.


Perhaps these new off-shore models utilize some of the same characteristics, but with lower overhead ... thus the great sound from these lower line kits.


Regarding Mickey Roker and Les Demerle, ... would be great to find something out about these drummers MIA! I remember the cool ad in Modern Drummer for years when I was growing up with Les bending and playing the cymbal!


Wow ... that takes me back!



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Thanks DJ, Like I said this web site Musicplayer.com has got all the others beat by a mile , And DJ your info was right On the Money Thanks so much it's great to find out how my set was made and the factory that puts them out.I used to be a die hard American drum only guy , but lately I've been blown away with quality and performance on these Taiwanese drums. Don't get me wrong theres still alot going on and in front with our American made Drums ,especially the Pro custom Drum Manufactures, Spaun, Smith, DW, and Such They all have there very special Nuances, Ayotte Wood hoops and there Lug release system even though there BC Vancover but they to have gone over to the Taiwanese Market and make there less expensive yet very Quality and affordable Drum Smith line which also are Burn In, I know these companise send over there Top Designers and quality Control inspectors to make sure there product gets the Best quality there. On my set the Greatsc renown I can tell you How they minimesed there Cost, First right off the start They are using triple flanged hoops on there Toms , snare instead of Die cast rims, which are much more costly , and they went to the six lug on toms instead of there American counter Part which is Five, There snares are still Ten Lug though and there emlem bage is Silver / Gray instead of Brass . Thats it though I'm tellin Ya They still spray the Inside shell with Silver aluminum paint and use there Maple/ Gum / Maple 5 Ply or Six Ply Shell and as Far as I can tell The shells look and Sound Great , I don't think they are there American Shell Makers Shell though Jasper Shell but who knows I could be wrong there , It would just seem to make common sense though that there Jasper shells which are legenary would be much more expensive in Production, quality , But who ever makes there shells foe these Drums well I can't tell the difference not by sight or sound and thats on others Professional; drummers opinions as well. Ok theres one Thing that distress me that I'm reading on this Web site and thats all this Drug Talk, That has no Place in the Realm of Thinking ,Creative Musician drummers as we, Man it hurts me so much to hear such young, Healthty People talk about such negitivity, I'. 48 years old proably old enough to be afather to most of you, Ive been a Profeessional drummer over 30 years started playing at 4 years old, went to Vietnam, and saw to much death and Pain and suffering , and alot of my musician friends died from Over Dosing, Man can you tell me a Better High than when your laying down a Grove and your right in the pocket ,Kickin it and your creating, and sounding real good , after when everyone gives you the acculades There is no better High than that. And that my friends is why we all stck with this insane instrument , having to lug it aroung gig to gig remember its no harmonica were you put it in your pocket and away you go.Oh no this instrument cost us alot and we pay heavy dues to play and for what, what Reward to we really get out of it. Because there is a payoff you know it we all do and thats the point were we bust our asses to study , practice over and over , put up with every complaint in the world , try to sneak in some practice time were we don't wake up the neighbor hood, The expenise of leasons , material,sticks, tapes , CD's , sterio , Systems, and on and on but why do we do what we do, No other instrument places more demands on its players as the Drums do, So why?It's because we feel good after knowing we accomplished something we created something and it felt good and sounded good, through the sweat, blood and tears of playing is why. So my fellow Drummers Please! Please! stop all this Drug talk and more don't do them ever . you are very valuble to all of us don't sell yourselves short . Peace and Love serpico3
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