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Really ball-sy snare sound.


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Ever heard "What If" by Creed? Ever listen to the snare sound? Notice how it has that awesome total cracking sound? It kinda sounds like this: "Gaaaw", except the 'g' is really hard, bordering on sounding more like a 'k'. It's really pretty dry, too. I'm trying to achieve a similar sound; the sound of a drummer just beating the crap out of the drum. Here's the three tracks I'm working with:


A tightly-tuned Drum Workshop maple snare drum with a drummer getting sickeningly-cracking rimshots out of it. It was triple mic'ed. A shure sm 57 close mic'ed on the top, a small diaphragm condensor also on top, slightly above the 57. it. Another shure sm57 on the bottom snare side.


In theory, I can make this snare drum sound like a gunshot in any mix. Alas, It's not quite there yet. I can gate the sm 57s, but the condensor was slightly farther from the head and it picked up a lot of hi-hat bleed, make it very difficult to gate. Should I even try to gate it? I've tried giving it a boost around the 300-400hz area and that seemed to add a lot of beef, but the attack of the hit doesn't come through as well. I can't find anything I really like about the snare size (bottom) mic. Is there anything I should do to it to make it work to my advantage?


Any suggestions of how to get this thing to sound in the mix like it should would be mucho appreciated. Perhaps some effects I should be adding, etc. I haven't been adding reverb, because the room it was recorded in already gave it a pretty good room sound. BTW, the music style is rock/metal (if you wouldn't have guessed).

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You can try to gate your condenser with a fast gate like the Behringer Intelligate or something similar.

It has an eq on the trigger side and you can adjust it to open the gate on the low tones of the snare sound.

So the gate will not open on the tones of the hat, works just fine.


Hope this helps, Peace

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I hate that sound...it is so totally compressed it gives me an earache by the end of the cd.


You are talking about the Creed drumsound right?


If you want to hear two great examples of rock snare tone with personality I recommend IMHO


Iron Maiden-Powerslave

Rush-Moving Picures



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