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What makes you want to learn a song?


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What kind of songs do you love to learn? What makes you run out to the CD store THAT SAME DAY, buy the CD and start jamming? Flashy fills? Great feel? Or non-drumming stuff, like a good hook or the overall attitude of the music?

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It would take all the above to make me run out and "buy".


The last cd I bought was a Debussey/Ravel double cd. But my friend just played me the "digitally" remastered Back in Black this weekend so I think I'm going to get that one next.


If I hear a tune and it gives me goosebumps...then I will buy it fer sure and I might buy it if it doesn't. The new Cult cd is one I'm going to pick up real soon as well. It's just lush sounding rock from what I have heard. I want to buy an ol' Chick CD that has Alex Acuna on it as well.


But I don't think I'm the general buying public. They want to see men in tu-tu's and tattoos or hot and horny teenage boys and girls. I have no idea what sells records and I really don't care. I just know when I hear it.

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After seeing Level 42's Live at Wembly concert on a videotape at a store, I was hooked. The guy working at the store pointed it out to me- there's a spot in the videotape where Phil Gould is playing away, turns his head to the camera, smiles and lips the words "watch this fill...coming up", and then does a great fill - maybe me laff cos it was so cool - like him talking to ya - like "Check this out". Very strong grooves, a lot going on, but very deceivingly subtle stuff going on behind the main groove. He's ghosting and throwing in doubles, and doing a lot with just straight-ahead grooves. I was a fan of his playing from that point on.


Additional info for Felix: Neil said in an interview that one of his favorite drummers to listen to was Phil Gould.

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