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Drum Talk Busts 1000 Post


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Hey Drumacious Wonders!


In record time (less than two months), Drum Talk has busted 1000 posts!

Congrats to us all!

Please help us continue to grow into the most vibrant and infomative ... not to mention coolest drum place to hang on the web, drum forum!


Invite your drum buds and buddettes to join us. Watch how we can all learn from each others successes and failures.


You guys all ROCK!



DJ (Dendy)

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(John Walsh voice):


Vinnie C...drummer on the drum forum, didn't acknowledge that he had committed a crime...when in fact...on the night of July 13th it was reported that Vinnie inadvertently used a SINGLE BRACED cymbal stand, because he grabbed the wrong trap case out of his basement. He grabbed the trap case that he used to use when he was playing in high school.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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