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Can you play Jazz with matched grip?


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I know there was a large discussion a ways down on matched vs. traditional, but everyone stated that for jazz they use traditional. I learned matched and play mostly rock and funk music, but I also love jazz and am wondering if I need to learn traditional in order to play it.


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No, No, Clockwirk:


I have known many great jazzers or fusion players that use strictly matched grip. Most of these folks know traditional grip, but rarely use it. Billy Cobham is one of the greats that immediately comes to mind!


You go matched jazz and you will do just fine!



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Traditional grip is a good tool to have in your arsenal, but yes you can play jazz w/ matched grip. The only requirement is that you swing....


But make sure you do a couple of 'Ludes if you're gonna play Black Sabbath http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif


Originally posted by felix stein:

You can play jazz anyway, just as long as you are stoned on pot.

I used to think I was Libertarian. Until I saw their platform; now I know I'm no more Libertarian than I am RepubliCrat or neoCON or Liberal or Socialist.


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O.K., lets all agree to get stoned and discuss this at an agreed upon time. Of course, it might slow your typing somewhat, and if you admit that, it'll tell you right there how drugs affects your motor co-ordination.


Originally posted by felix stein:

We absolutely have to have a thread on the subconscience and creativity vs. the destructive effects of mind altering chemicals.


I'm sure it would be interesting!




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