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Anyone check out the World Music Awards? ... What's up with that?!?


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You know, ... it takes a lot to get me chapped these days. I am not one to go negative on folks, ... but what the heck was up with the World Music Awards?


I finally just killed the award show to put me out of my misery!


It seemed like this was a snooty excuse to party with the Prince and his croonies!


I noticed that they did not even have envelopes to announce the winner. It was as if everyone knew who the winners were and that the Prince himself must have selected the winners.


It is amazing what money can buy these days!


Is it just me, ... or did anyone else see this hoopla?



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The music biz is in a sad state of affairs. When I read Mr. Bonzai's (EQ) interviews with all the great engineers he always asks them "what's wrong with the music biz?" And they always invariably state something like it is easier to say what is right with the music biz. Thank goodness for the internet, affordable recording gear and a new way to distribute independent music. I really think the average person can look beyond all the hoopla/hype and go- "this just plain sucks". I have heard the Europeans are way ahead of Americans on the quality of music that is being distributed/played.


Oh well, I'm not really qualified to post on this subject cause I hardly listen to anything on the radio or TV anymore. I played with a guitar player here in Cleveland for awhile who would not listen to anything because it would taint his artistic visions. Pretty strange huh?


I guess that is where a good teacher should come in and try to get the capitalistic/narcistic views/goals out of our up and coming talent and to keep them from being brainwashed by "big music/money/media". But I digress. This could go on and on.

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Felix wrote:


"The music biz is in a sad state of affairs."


Well ... we agree on something!!!


Of course, living in Nashville and the controversy of country radio being driven by programmers, I am keenly aware of these problems!


I really believe that there will have to be a point where we as a society acknowledge that the slow and steady desensitizing of America's youth through music lyrics (and television programming) is directly attributable to increasing violence and teenage pregnancy!


I am not preaching here, but rather dealing with the reality of truth.


I can say, that I live near a large high school and the majority of these kids would prefer to hurt you rather than help you. It took 30 years to get to this point. If we start now, perhaps we can undo the damage in another 30?


Music is a means of communication. Some folks exploit that whether through their lyrics or there commercial exploitation like these World Music Awards!


As far as these bogus awards. It really seemed like these guys were throwing a big televised private party rather than host a legitimate award show.


Maybe you see it differently?



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All awards shows are bogus - how can you determine objectively that Artist X's music is better than Artist Y's. Also, if a record goes "gold", that means that 500,000 people bought it and 6,000,000,000 people did not. That's a 10,000 to 1 failure rate.


That said, this show sounds more bogus than the rest of them. Anything involving Prince What's-His-Symbol is crap by definition.


On a tangentially related topic, there's an interesting thread on the Anderton forum that discusses the payola that radio stations receive to play selected records. Apparently, this is illegal in the U.S., and many stations may be closed down. I'd love to see a new level of accountability established in the record business, even if it only lasts until the next loophole is exploited.

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