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Anyone have any advice on Practice Pads?


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Hell-o there! This is my first posting on this forum, so please be gentle with me! *laugh* I'm a 24 year old drummer from Texas (been playing drums SERIOUSLY since about age 13), and recently I've found it difficult (read: next to IMPOSSIBLE) to get a good solid practice in on my kit, since I live quite a ways away from my bandmates (and as a result, our rehearsal space - and MY KIT). I'm moving into a new apartment complex this weekend, and obviously taking my drums is a "no-no". I hate like hell that my chops aren't where (I think) they should be, and I want to remedy the situation. Since I obviously can't take my kit (due to the new apartment and rehearsal situation), I'm considering buying a full-set of practice pads. A fully functional electronic kit just isn't going to work, since I'm on a SUPER-TIGHT budget. I currently own ONE "RealFeel" practice pad.


What I'm asking is this: 1) Do you think I ought to go out and buy a FULL "drumkit size" set of pads? Or 2) Should I just use my one "RealFeel" pad, and add a double kick pedal to another pad for foot work?


Also, that being said, does anyone have any good practice tips? I so hate getting stale in practice (of course, it's been AGES since I've been able to actually PRACTICE as opposed to REHEARSING with the band).





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Welcome to Drum Talk Jayabusa!!


I fear a set of practice pads will still cause you problems with your new neighbors. (at least in my experience). You see ... they can still be heard!


Of course, you still need to practice. Pillows are a good chop building alternative, but nothing will replace the practice session on a full set for working on grooves.


Perhaps you should explain to your new neighbors your dilemma and inquire as to a good time for you to practice on a practice pad set.


Your initial and genuine show of concern for their feelings will go a long way!


Also, I think it would be important for you to determine if there is an isolated place for you to practice. I have even had friends that rented a storage locker at a "U-store-it" facility that allowed them to use it for practice on an agreed schedule.


In the mean-time, ... you should continue to workout on the Real-feel pad!


Let us know how this goes for you.


Also, please go to the "Inquiring Minds Want To Know" thread and let us know some more about you!




DJ (Dendy)

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Bart, you and DJ never cease to amaze me on your generosity with knowledge to fellow percussionists.


To the 24 year old dude in the apartment. You are young, practice your butt off now while you still can.


I heard Tommy Aldridge would muffle his drums and play with his hands all the time because his dad hated the sound of a drumset.


I also heard once that Alesis was going to come out with a moongel electronic pad kit. I guess that never materialized. I like moongel...realfeels to me are just too easy to play on, but they are easier on the fingers and wrists which makes for a longer practice session.

Remo pads are loud!


My friend had a kit fitted with sound off pads...it was louder than you would think. I'm with DJ...rent a place.

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