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Practice More, Suck More

felix stein

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Why all this negative re-enforcement today? I really think we all have enough to be down about already. We do not need our instructors or drum peers dragging us down. Why do you think you endured all of this negativity and how did you cope.

Do you think it left a long-lasting negative impression on you?

Did it leave you feeling like you did not measure up?


What can we do as motivators, teachers, instructors to make this a better environment for all concerned?


It's funny you should say that cause I can't take a compliment to this frigging day about my playing and when I give a musician a compliment and they say "thanks" I think to myself "god, are you arrogant"- pretty dysfunctional thinking huh?


I have had many many drum teachers through out my short life...bad ones and good ones. I think my favorite of all was one of the most hated teachers at PIT (at least in my class) he was the reading teacher there and was really gruff and tough- Gary Hess. I loved the guy! His time was fantastic and his reading was amazing. I would go in there and everyone there would make a peep. I was like "()*& this guy, I'll show him" well, he turned out to be my favorite teacher there...everything was black and white...no LA bullshit. He wouldn't brag about how many gigs he had to play this week or who he would be recording with. So I went to one of his private lessons and there was no one there. He was kinda surprised and he translated this 12/16 beat that I was playing for me in about 2 seconds and we talked for the rest of the half hour or so. He was so down to earth.


Negative Reinforcemnt? I'd say it is spawned from jealousy of a media inflated occupation and when someone young and naive is not a "rockstar" after playing for a year/decade/whatever they go thru periods of negativity/depression before realizing what drumming is about (if anyone finds out-please let me know LOL). Then they have to keep playing for a whole new set of reasons. I don't see it anymore-I have one or two drumming buddies and they are as "humble" as myself. FELIX STEIN IS THE BEST AND WORST OF ALL DRUMMERS THAT WALK OR HAVE WALKED THE FACE OF THE EARTH QUITE POSSIBLY THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!! ok, time to work


pretty funny huh?

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Hey, Felix:


I copied your post above into the Positive versus Negative reinforcement thread.


Your comments here may open up a completely different dialogue about an entirely different look at your statement.



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