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Hey, Popmusic:


I actually have both a hard shell case and a soft shell case, and I let the circumstance dictate which one I use. In your case, it seems as if you are only using the basic triangle (hi-hat, crash, ride) of cymbals.

You could easily get by with a gig bag only. This would work especially if you are just doing light weekend or "one-nighter" club work. Make sure you get one that has a re-enforced bottom and one with a shoulder strap, I cannot tell you how many drummers including yours truly that has injured their shoulder from schlepping cymbals.

If you really want the best advice, by a soft bag and one of those cheap luggage dollies. OR by one of the new cymbal cases with wheels and a pull-up handle.

If you buy a soft bag, make sure it is a tough cordura material. Most of the major cymbal manufacturers make their own bags. If you get soft bags, try Beato. If you go with hard shell, try XL Specialty.


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I agree with DJ.


BEATO makes the best soft bags!


I have a Reunion Blues leather cymbal bag, and a hard cymbal case by Sabian. I too let the situation determine which I use. Local club gigs, etc., typically use the soft bag. The hard shell case is for road gigs and/or recording sessions (times when I need a huge arsenal of cymbals or extra protection).


The Beato bags have dividers in the pouch which helps keep the cymbals from rubbing up against one another. I use individual Sabian pouches for each cymbal when I pack them. My hard shell case is made in such a way that the cymbals nestle and don't rub each other.


I protect my cymbals like they were my child. The drums ... well, they are family ... but not my kids! http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif





Bart Elliott


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