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On Napster??


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Hey, I found drum solos from Jeff Porcaro (1992) and Dennis Chambers on Napster. Who woulda thought? The Chambers one is big (50 meg) and is 42 min long! It's from a clinic. I'll have to look for some Vinnie stuff tonight.
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Wow, That is really interesting!


I have to say, I really do not get this whole Napster uproar.


I do not see the difference between downloading this stuff off Napster and recording it off the radio when I was a kid. Eventually, I bought the record because I wanted the real deal. Sometimes it took listening to something a few times to know if I wanted to lay down the bucks to buy. All and all, it is promotion.


Most artists (especially in Nashville) will tell you that they make the majority of their money on Tours and Swag. They make the biggest bucks if they actually write *and record* a song.


And then of course, if Napster charged me $4.95/month, I would pay it anyway because it is still a good deal. Their biggest mistake was offering it for free in the first place.


Just my thoughts,



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