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What's the most useful thing for a fledgling to practice?


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Well, a several parter here...


For drum newbies...what's the most useful thing to practice (excuse me but I'm kinda drum bereft)?


What's the most useful way? Headphones to recordings?


How should one divide one's practice time on say, snare exercises... fills, foot technique...etc.


And, like I say, I'm a guitar player...I'm just looking for advice for my son.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Hey Tedster,

Playing drums is kinda like excersize - it's kinda boring to do alone unless you're really into it. So I would recommend the same thing for a beginning drummer that trainers recommend for people starting to excersize: The best excersize is that one that you'll do regularly. So, the best thing for your son to do is whatever he wants to do. When he wants to start focusing on the minutae he will. Until then, whatever keeps bringing him back to the drums is the best thing.


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Hey, Tedster:


Dwarf brings up some real good points and there are some counter points to what he has to say as well.


I really believe that there has to be a balance between learning something by rote and by schooling.


You will never know the power of establishing the basics with a good private instructor. Things like, "how to hold sticks properly", "how to read music", proper rebound, etc. Also invaluable things like, "how to tune a drum", "how to replace a head", "strainer adjustment",etc.


Also, I think it is important to have someone that the student is accountable to on a weekly basis.


But, I can tell you in my experience, that ... had I not also been allowed (when I was in my early teens), to put on headphones and bash to Stix, Doobie Bros.,Queen, Rush, etc, etc, ... I would have never kept with it. This allowed me to lose myself in the instrument and learn at an early age that the drums were a *part* of me.


Having good instruction got me involved in High School Band, College Band, and Drum Corps, as well as every garage band I could get behind the drums for.


Additionally, I recommend getting some good drum tapes. I killer one for kids is Common Ground with Dennis Chambers and (then) fourteen year old (now 15) drumming sensation Tony Royster Jr. This tape is released by Warner Bros. Some others include, The Drum Set Crash Course, by Russ Miller (Warner Bros) and Be A DrumHead (Warner as well).


Also, exposure to live music. Take your son to hear any band that comes to town that you can get away to see. This exposure is essential to musical growth.


AND FINALLY, Never, Never, Never ... under-estimate the power of parental support. Do not over-push and do not be non-supportive. Learn where the right balance is and be there for your sons activities with his drumming. This will go much further than anything else mentioned above!


(this advise will come in handy when he is bashing away and you are wishing that he had taken up the flute!!)


Hope this helps!



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Thanks guys...


>>(this advise will come in handy when he is bashing away and you are wishing that he had taken up the flute!!)


Not really...I'm used to bashing going on http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif... Yep, I'm trying not to be pushy...as supportive as I can be. I came from a background where "loud music" was sort of "tolerated"...and I never really felt like it was understood. My kids are exposed to as much live music as they can be, unfortunately a lot happens in clubs they can't get in to. He does attend a church with a band that plays...and not a bad one at that...so that helps.


And again, thanks for the advice!

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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