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Cool drummer I saw tonight

Lee Flier

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Just saw a VERY entertaining drummer this evening: Tony Fagenson of Eve 6, a modern rock trio with some really good songwriting. Fagenson is quite remarkable especially for such a young guy - I think he's only 20 or 21. He is definitely the most musical of anybody in the band. He is deceptively subtle for such a hard driving energetic drummer, and adds a ton of musicality to the arrangements of the songs that was pretty unexpected.


I also appreciated his showmanship a lot - very unique performer! Sometimes in a quiet passage of a song where he was just playing kick and hi hat or ride, he'd sort of lean casually with his elbow on the snare and look at the audience like he was just twiddling his thumbs. But he kept up the tension in his playing the whole time. Definitely has a great sense of humor!


Anyway, check these dudes out if they come through your town. Whether or not you like the band, I'm sure you'll dig the drummer!


Sigh... so many drummers.... so little time... http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif



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Hey, Lee:

I was hanging out back-stage at the Grand Old Opry last night and saw about 6 great drummers!

as well as some wonderfully talented "other" musicians.

Chad Brock's drummer Carlo was exceptionally "on" last night!


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