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condenser mic on snare drum


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I almost always track with both a dynamic & a small dia condensor on the top. I can pick which one I want later or blend the two together (which is what i do most of the time).


I really don't care much for the old tried and true sm57 by itself. The condenser will give you much more attack, ring (which is often a good thing), pressence, drum resonance, high end, ect. In short, it sounds more like the snare acoustically sounds in the room. Unless of course you want the darker, thuddy tone of an SM57. Also, with a condensor you gotta watch out for the metal heads, as to not distort the mic with high SPL. Although IMO, in most cases snares sound much better when played at a medium or soft level.

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I like using a CAD E-100 on snare sometimes. They are cheap mics so if the drummer hits one and damages it, it won't bankrupt you, and they can also handle the SPL. Those would be the two caveats against using more expensive condensers. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif


The only other caveat is to make sure it's a cardioid mic, or if it's a multipattern, put it on cardioid and point it away from the hi hat or you'll pick up way too much of it.


Otherwise, I like the sound for a lot of stuff. Try putting it out from the side of the snare and pointing it at the side, too. That does a nice job of capturing the whole resonance of the drum.



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