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Practice? What's that?

felix stein

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I hate it, don't do it anymore...I sure would like too but can't seem to. Maybe when the new studio is finished. Well, I practiced on my solo a little last week that I am composing *pretentious huh?*


Did you ever practice so much your playing suffered? I have.


Did you ever not practice and play "great"...I have.


Did you ever get so burned out you couldn't even boff the swedish model vocal student? I have.

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Hey, Felix:


You raise great issues. Personally, I never have had a problem boffing the Swedish model vocal student!


I have struggled with this issue of practice. Buddy Rich used to balk at the notion of practice, but he was a good freak of nature. Yet I digress.


I believe that some form of practice is necessary and crucial to keep your muscles toned in order to keep your power strong for those 3 to 4 one-hour sets!


Optimally, a short 20 minute practice session each day is better than one 3 hour session on a Saturday. But, turning off the TV can sometimes be harder than sitting behind the kit when you come home from an exhaustive day of work.


Additionally, I think it is very, very important to stretch out. See my early lesson on MusicPlayer.com called Stretching Out:



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I just know what has been bothering me lately...going from 8 hours a day to nothing is where I'm at. I think about drums every day and usually compose a half hour a night and maybe twirl some sticks or bang some diddles and doubles on my leg when my gf and I are chilling.


I needed the past year off to think about where stylistically I want to go. I'm trying to listen and think now instead of banging away at patterns. I'm getting close...trying to meld life with art and go to my next level. Since I'm not a "pro" anymore I have the luxury/band that lets me vamp on these tangents.


Yes, stretches are good...you corps boys have lots of cool tricks...I marched with a corp kid in college band-he had a bag full of them.

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Felix wrote:

>"I needed the past year off to think about where stylistically I want to go."<


Boy, Felix: I can relate to that. I have been down that path more than once, ... and one time for more than a year! Did not even pick up a pair of sticks or own a set!!

Sometimes we need time to find out if we are being true to who we are. Everytime I have gotten side-tracked in live, I have ended up *back* behind the drums.


It is *who* I am and *how* I express myself.

In my own odd way, it is even how I express my spirituality.


Do not worry about this adventure in learning. It will make you a better person and a better player.


... And chillin' with the gf on the couch ... there is nothing wrong with that!!


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