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Can you hear me?

michael saulnier

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I've lurked around this forum for a couple of days and I'm curious about your thoughts on drums and volume control. Some folks have tried, (and sometimes failed) to have their drummer "play softer", others have opted for "electronic drums" to have total control over the volume.


Personally, I prefer real drums to electronic for most situations... And I admit that I like the sound of drums hit with appropriate authority...


I'm a guitar player, but I've been "turning down" my guitar and PA a lot more in my studio... I'm getting the other musicians to do the same, and I'm getting a lot less ear damage. But every time I have a drummer in... well I check the volume settings the next day and we're all several levels above my target... and there's that "ringing" again... hmmmmm...


What about those Plexiglass partitions... do they work? If so, where's the best place to get them? Will the drummer play LOUDER because they can't hear me or the other band members? Is it fair to ask a drummer to get behind the "cone of silence"? Should I expect a drummer to "bring his own" partitions? What about playing live... Partitions or no partitions?


What's it like behind one of those things anyway? Should we all have one?


Thanks in advance for your replies...



I'm still "guitplayer"!

Check out my music if you like...



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What is it with all this new fangled stuff on the market that will be a cure all for a lack of talent?


I don't know about your drummer, but when I can't hear the damn band I play softer so I can. I mean how can you tell you are grooving? I learned from a music professor in college that when playing with a group one should listen in a "circle" to all the cats in the ensemble. Listen to everyone and have everyone listen to you. Then if you have too, make tiny adjustments to your playing. When grooving everything sounds better!


My friend is playing guitar in a pink floyd tribute band right now and last night we were talking about his drummer- he loves the guy, not because of his technical chops, but because he kicks back and grooves without splitting eardrums.


Keep auditioning cats. If you have to tell them how to play you don't want them *usually*- it just won't work IMHO. It's ok to be a mentor, but do you have that relationship/respect factor already in place?

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