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How 'bout them Remo Rennaisance heads?

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We at Wilburland just bought a nice early-70s Ludwig 4 piece to use as our house kit, and I'm curious about the sound of the Remo Rennaisance heads. I know how they sound with coated Ambassadors, (which I like) but I want the other guy here (you know, the owner) to have a somewhat livlier option. I heard that the Renns are a nice bridge between coated/dry and plastic/bright.

We're not doing a lot of metal here, we need a kit that will respond to a fair variety of dynamic approaches.





Matthew Saccuccimorano


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I tried that line when they were first introduced. while i did like the tone of the head, they were having quality control problems at the time, and i stopped using them. they were splitting down the middle on jazz gigs with brushes. Remo said they were aware of this and were fixing the problem. this was a few years ago. I have every intention of trying them again, i just wanted them to get the bugs out of the line.


Tonally, they are different. We are all *used to* the sound of the coated line, tho. I liked them - your miliage may vary.....



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Renaissance have been my favorite heads for a couple of years now.

For toms, I used to play Emperors (a 2-ply ply head), coated or clear and sometimes coated Ambassadors. For snare mostly coated Ambassador.

I really think they're the best all-around heads because:


- They have the attack,volume and clarity of Ambassadors.

- They are almost as fat as Emperors and other 2-ply heads

- They have a really warm sound that is close to calf hide, but still loud.

- They last MUCH longer than Ambassadors.

- If you play brushes, the texture doesn't wear off, since it's not a coating.


I've been using them for all kinds of styles, from Jazz to Polka to Blues and Classic Rock. I have even seen them in use by some Metal guys...


I've yet to try the Powerstroke 3 bass drum head with this film. I still use the regular clear P3, since no one stocks the Renaissance version.

I think Yamaha ships their Hip Kit bass drum with it though...

The stick sound is much warmer and "organic" sounding with Renaissance, so

it would probably get rid of that plastic clicky attack that the P3 head has.


Haven't tried them as bottom (resonant) heads though, but I imagine that they would really warm up the sound. A lot of jazz guys use Fiberskyn for the bottom...





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