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Which sticks are best for pads?


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I think, barring those aluminum *sticks* http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/eek.gif, stick choice shouldn't matter all that much - provided the player is cognizant of the physical

limitations/benefits of the electronic medium. All pads typically bounce a bit more and feel a little crappier when your really really whack it. In general a light touch seems to work for me but YMMV.


That said, since the environment is a bit different, its probably best to go with what you normally use to retain some sort of comfort zone (i.e okay not *everything* feels different scenario) otherwise there could be performance issues..



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Hey, Craig:

AJC makes a good point, but there are several other factors to consider.

1) What is your normal stick size? If you are a Metal Head and use 2B marching sticks and play with the butt end, you may trash your pads and triggers in a short time!

2) What is the Pad Type? Your stick choice may change depending on the pad type. If it is a gum rubber pad, you may (and probably will) get a completely different feel than you will with the new "mesh" heads. This can dictate what stick size you may want to use.


Just as some drummers may use a 5B for rock, F1 for Fusion, and a Combo stick for jazz or lounge music, ... you may need to experiment with the stick that works best for the conditions and environment. The key word here is flexibility!

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Since purchasing a Roland TD-7 kit several years ago, I've found using lighter sticks to my preference. I use 2b's on the acoustics, and they seem a bit much on the pads, plus the pads themselves are somewhat noisier when stricken with so much wood. It's harder to hear the headphone mix to play along with. And I'm a jazzer, so I tend to use a lighter touch anyway.


but that's just me..


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