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Who plays what?

the stranger

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Originally posted by dr destructo:

Let's hear some gear preferences, influences (favorite releases according to drumming), and who plays drums as their primary or secondary instrument.


My primary instrument is drums. Sometimes i view that as a bad choice back in my teens (i just turned 30) since no matter how well you can consolidate your set up- your still lugging the most shit around. Other than that, i view my instrument and its contribution to music as pretty baddass http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif When its soo good the hair rises on the back of your neck, you'll lug your shit around for another ten years just to feel that again (hopefully it happens more frequently than that!!!)


I use a bunch of different brands of drums, as they all have their strengths and weakness and personalities like guitars do......which ever serves the music the best!



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ajcamlet, don't falsely believe that drummers have it worse when it comes to gear. Try being a keyboard player/gear slut. I carry a Leslie speaker (150 lbs.) to every gig plus 3 keyboards in hard cases and 2 more amps. I'm always the last to leave. And I'm definitely the strongest member of the band.


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