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UK guys - TV now - history of basslines (tonight too 21.12.06)

Phil W

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Watching it now. I also watched this last week as well. Quite enlightening. Stevie wonder and 16ths last week.


This week the Bass solo!

Feel the groove internally within your own creativity. - fingertalkin


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I really enjoyed that even though I only caught the last half. Caught my attention whilst I was messing around with a Microsynth and a Big Muff.., caused me to stop the er, mayhem. I wish I could've seen a programme like that when I started playing. Simply explained, with some great and quite varied examples, by the talented Mr Goodall.


Ending with I Wish: Spiffy!

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An excellent end to an excellent series - which fortunately is being repeated on More4 as they changed the scheduling and loads of people (including me) missed the programme on rhythm.


I like the way it was broken down - 4 programmes: Melody, Rhythm, Harmony and Bass! We have finally claimed our rightful place.



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Between shows like this and that Rockschool show I'd see as a kid, I'm jealous of you Brits.


Have to see if they turn up online somewhere, I guess.






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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