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Marshall MB30?


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Views, thoughts, likes-dislikes?


Tried one out today. Was looking at the Fender Rumble 15, practise amp and semi-home-studio. It has enough down and dirty sound but not enough to complete the task. Plugged in the Marshall MB30 and OMG'd, that thing reached up, grabbed a hold and shook me a few times... (think we needed some alone time). Bottom end was nice, and enough head room to clear in home drums. Clean and clear, very smooth, and when it went to down and dirty, it just needed some Knee-highs and a street corner :D


Let me know your views?

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I didn't expect to see or even consider it, but it was eyeing me up... and tried some of the behringer's as well but nothing.. rumble is nice for someone that is just learning or never played before. Bang for the buck Rumble 15 is worth it, but didn't have enough of what I need it for. (169.99Cad but can be fetched on e-bay for about 69-79USD new)


(199.99Cad) The marshall though..OMG'd.. I think it's going to find a new home with me tomorrow. Take'n my bass in and plug'n it in and see how it sounds with that, if it's the same.. DAMN IT I's be smil'n!!!! :D:D:D

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