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Korean made Fender J Bass worth it?

The Bishop

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In my opinion, of all the foreign manufactures of Fender products, the Korean is the least desirable. However, if you find one that is well made and in good condition and you want it as a starter bass and not planning on reselling, it might be just fine. You can usually find a very nice Mexican Jazz bass for around $200.00 to $250.00 and you could always resell it for that price.


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I recently got a MIJ P Bass and it really is amazing. Mine dates from 93-94 production and the quality is so much better than a lot of the later indonesian, chinese models. I think the MIK basses are supposed to have a good rep too but ive never played one.


Id def go for a MIJ Squier over a Mexican Fender or Vintage Modified Squier - plus you should be able to get on cheaper.



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