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Sansamp, MXR M80 DI Boxes

w Alf w

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Hi Everyone!


my name is Alf and I am currently looking at buying a DI box.


The reason for this is that in one of my bands i use and overdrive pedal for the whole set as the guitarist is on mostly a clean sound.


Im using a Boss bass overdrive for this and sometimes i use a Big Muff for a different sound.


The effect sounds great out of my ashdown mag300 but once it gets connected to the PA through the amp the bass loses all its balls!


I was recommended the Sansamp Bass Driver and then started looking at a MXR M80 as the distortion sound is not that great from the sansamp apparently.


My question is will I get a similar sound from the PA as my amp when the PA goes into either the sansamp or MXR M80?




aLf ;)xx

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