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OT- Editing digital video (mpeg?) and separating the audio track?


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Just recorded my band practice on my digital camera (which amazingly has quite a nice onboard mic) and would like to separate the audio track so I can upload it as an MP3. I presume this is possible, but how?


And continuing that theme, band videos will surely be the next fun thing to produce - is there any free editing software out there for messing with low res digital video?



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If all you need is something quick, easy and free, Windows Movie Maker will do it. I think it's a standard XP utility that comes with the package.


It will cut and combine clips and allow you to put in transitions, titles etc. You can save your files in various levels of quality and play about with the file size/sound trade-off to suit.


And you can extract the audio and save just that as a WMA file.


I've used it after we've filmed our gigs from a small digital camera to cut the main file into individual songs with credits and intro cards at front and back. And I've extracted the sound to make a 'live' album too.


PM me if you need more info.





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