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Ampeg B2R need some help here. Please.


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Hi everyone.


So I got my gear from Portugal yesterday. apart from a hardcase a bit damaged everything is cool.


After unpacking everything I plug my Ampeg B2R with my SVT210HE and i noticed that the fan is a bit noisy, this was always like this as far as I can remember, when I start playing of course I can't hear it co's not that loud but if I am not playing that thing can be annoying, also I noticed that when I turn off the head I can hear the fan slowing down, is this normal? Do u notice the same in your gear?


Another point the B2R doesn't have a ground lift option and I think that my plugs are not earthen should I buy a earthen plug or buy one of those ground lift switches that I heard about on another post?






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I can hear the fan in my el cheapo Legion Sound amp. It constantly runs, from turn on to turn off. It has been reliable for practicing though. I actually have gigged with it a bunch.


I originally asked the ground lift switch question (I think!). My Carvin head doesn't have one either. I could be and probably am wrong, but the only time that I have ever noticed a hum was when we had a horrible sound guy and he used my direct out. I have never had a problem just hooked up to my cabinet. So I can't really help you there.



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I have a B2R and the fan is on constantly. I bought mine used and it's been like this since I owned it. I learned to accept because it really isn't that bad. As far as the ground lift,I don't have a problem. If you want to lift the ground, so to speak,use a 2 prong adapter on ac plug.
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In my ampeg svt4pro the the fan kicks in after 15 seconds of turning the amp on. It starts with a low whine that fluctuates in volume like a marble bouncing down a long tiled corredor and squeking each time it hits. Then the bounce gets smaller and smaller until its just a loud fan. It gets annoying, but I have tuned it out now.

Dont know a thing about the ground switch thing. I dont ahve a ground lift switch and have never needed it for my bass rig. MY PA is another story, but my bass rig is fine.

Best of luck, Jonathan






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