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Basson Cabinet


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I have been searching websites and of course this great forum for info. about the next purchase. I was on Musician's Friend today and happened upon Basson Cabinets.


I have never heard of them before, but I only just began playing bass in the last month.


Can any of you give me insights as to if they are a good product or not? The one thing I noticed is that they are very heavy duty! A 2x10 cabinet weighs 110 lbs!

Thanks, Vic
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110lbs for a 2x10" is an excellent reason not to buy one!


They're a weird design because they use car subwoofer-like speakers and then put a huge magnet on them to bring up the efficiency - and the huge magnet also reduces the low frequency response defeating the point of the subwoofer type cone and surround. A lot of boom but not much else.



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