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Album review: A Little Bitter - The Blood


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Right, first off I have to say this: I'm biased when it comes to this band. Not so much because Seamy D is a forumite and I like him quite well, but because ever since I heard their first EP (and then their second and then their third) I've been waiting for this album to be released.


Was it worth the wait? You betcha it was :eek:


The album begins with a 45 second instrumental intro which makes you wonder what comes next. The drummer instantly kicks off the first "real" song Martyr, an awesome opener which only becomes stronger with every listen.


I won't go through the songs one by one but would rather point you in the direction of my previous review of the EP tracks . That said, the sound of this album is far, far superiour to the EP's (which were already bloody good to begin with !!!)


Personal highlights of this album for me include "Further I Crawl" - what the hell happened with this song? It sounds lightyears better than I remember from the ALB Ep :eek: , "Punish" (the fake outro still gets me every time) and -if I'm right- "Are You" where Seamy plays one helluva great impressive fill near the end.


The album is packed with great pop songs filled with crunchy guitar riffs, excellent and creative drum parts and very-emotive-yet-never-over-the-top vocals but what sets this band apart is in my humble opinion (and again here I am biased) their bass player.


Seamy makes ample use of his 6-string Warwick's full range to provide an interesting melodic backbone to the songs; sometimes echoing the vocals and other times doubling the -excellent- guitar riffs but always playing for the song.


I have a week's holiday coming up pretty soon and I think I'll divide my time between comparing the EP's and the cd, and learning some of the ALB songs on bass :thu:


Highly recommended listening, even if you're not really into the heavier kind of music.

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