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Bass Player pedal review...thoughts?


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Originally posted by Rocky3840:

Oooops ! double post. My computer takes so long to post the message that I forget if I clicked the post button. But you all know that already.


Well, if you can't single post on a slow computer, maybe you can't post at all.
If you think my playing is bad, you should hear me sing!
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Originally posted by butcherNburn:

Well, if you can't single post on a slow computer, maybe you can't post at all. [/QB]

I think my problem may not be speed of the computer but the slowness of my memory.



"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb, voting on what to eat for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb, contesting the vote."

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Originally posted by butcherNburn:

I couldn't resist after reading this entire thread in one sitting.

It has been interesting at times. I love it when it breaks out into a huge pillow fight. Feathers flying everywhere.


"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb, voting on what to eat for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb, contesting the vote."

Benjamin Franklin

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While on the topic of bass effects..

I really like my Boss ME-50B multi effects board.

I use it to practice at home - never uses effect pedals on shows


Its a great value....


Extremely easy to operate

Many usable effects which are all adjustable

Built in tuner

Headphone Jack


My favorite... Sound Hold... it allows you to pluck a single note which will sound clearly and level as long as you want it to... you can than play over it using all the other effects available...



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Originally posted by dcr:

I'm a bit baffled by the misunderstanding this has generated (ToL apart). On any natural reading of this claim in its context, it's pretty plausible, I think.


The claim is NOT that people should all play clean.

The claim is NOT that people should (per impossibile) play without any sound coloration.

The claim is NOT that it is even possible to play without any sound coloration. (To say that you don't understand the difference between clean & effected signal is just obtuse.)

The claim is NOT that we should all be doing the same thing.

The claim is NOT that everyone who uses lots of effects is using them as a crutch.

The claim is NOT that a clean sound is all that's ever needed.


In context, the claim is simply that if a person with decent gear (like a Stratocaster, in the original example) cannot make a good sound when playing clean, then that is a shortcoming in the player.


I would've thought the meaning was obvious. I also find it to be almost as obviously true.

Thanks for the clarification, dcr. I'm glad others were entertained - I myself posted what I thought was a pretty unremarkable thought, and went away for the holiday. To clarify:


1. Since, as you note, there was "misunderstanding," perhaps the meaning wasn't so obvious.

2. The "context" was a pretty innocuous thread about the lack of sound clips in the Bass Player pedal review, followed by a left-field rant about a guitarist who used pedals and sounded crappy, followed by Bumpcity's comment that "a lot of musicians try to cover up their lack of ability with effects," and that "if you can't play clean, then you can't play." It's not surprising that Picker (and I) interpreted that to mean if you can't (i.e. if you refuse to) play clean, you can't play.


Whatever - I have nothing but respect for Brian, so I wasn't in "pillow fight" mode - just pushing back a bit on what I thought was a pretty silly thing to say. Apologies to all if I pushed too hard. :wave:


[incidentally, I'm not sure what a "natural reading" is, but perhaps I'm guilty of an unnatural reading?]


Anyway, back to the thread ...


Originally posted by SteveC:

Since we've kind of gotten off topic a little, do any of you find that effects just don't seem to cut it at a gig like they do at home or in a rehearsal?

I think I've posted this before - I find I have to set effect levels and settings at the gig, in the room, during soundchecks or linechecks. It doesn't work to try to use presets, given PA, balance, and room variables. This is why I've dumped my multi-effect units in favor of individually-tweakable units.


I also find (not surprisingly) that some pedals do sound as good on gigs as they do at home ... and that other pedals, as you mention, sound fine at home but don't "cut it" at the show. I've been somewhat ruthless about tossing pedals (some of which claim to be "boutique" pedals) that haven't stood up to the gig-test.


Is there any effect or pedal in particular that isn't holding up?

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Tryin' to kick this somewhat back on topic again...


Realizing that there is an nearly unimaginable number for brands, pedals and purposes that would make a more comprehensive article prohibitive, I was somewhat dismayed that the article went as far as distortion, envelope filters and octave pedals. There is so much more out there that is little or not understood by a significant proportion of bassist, especially the novices.


Limiters and enhancers are certainly worthy of a discussion, as well as synth pedals, chorus pedals, bypass pedals and there ever popular multi-effect and cab modeling sets.


Determining which one is good and which one is better is pretty damned subjective, as I like a little dash of OD wereas someone else is into full blown chainsaw fuzz.


An audio link would be better so that the sounds could be compared (not that they would sound the same on my rig as the testers). A comprehensive article on what types (as opposed to brands) and how and where gigging musicians typically use them is probably in order.


Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn


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My copy of the magazine just arrived some time in the last five days while I was out of town so I am late in joining the discussion.


I liked the article. I own, have owned, or have tried many of the pedals tested. The descriptions were (as my UK friends might say) spot on.


Yes, there could be a cd, clips on the internet, a list of recordings using the various pedals, but for a written article, it was excellent.


It also followed my experiences...from pedals to digital multi-effects and back to pedals. Multi-effects are difficult to use live IMHO. A sound which works well in your practice room needs to be tweaked to work live. Going into submenus on a digital unit while playing is not easy, certainly not as easy as bending over and turning a knob on a pedal.


edit: the article says that audio files can be found online at bassplayer.com but either they aren't there yet or I can't find them.

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