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Funding For Band Equipment


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Hi guys, you may remeber i asked you all on what you thought about a kustom 100w pa for my band.


We are locally quite famous, and have very talented msucicians in our band. We have no band owned equipment, and the drummer, guitarist ect have all their own guitars, amps ect.


We all decided, that we shouldnt go with the idea that we all knock in £20 and we get a 100w pa for a £100. As this would be a rather losey purchase and wouldnt benifit us in the long term.


I really did have a long hard think, what we really need is money, but who dosent. We need at least £350, to buy a cushtie 440w peavey PA that suits the band perfectly, or maybe one of those Behringer power packs.


Now none of us have that kind of money, so really the only way to get this, is by sponorship? Fund Raisers? Or how, we really have no idea. Any suggestions? Cheers,

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"Topless Car Wash" is good fund raiser.


Have some good looking girls out in the street with big signs saying "Topless Car Wash? Then the customers drive around to the back of the building and your band and same friends wash their car with no shirts on. Works every time.



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Good idea Rocky.



You could play a few gigs and buy the PA with that money. If a collectively owned PA doesn't sound good to you then set up a stipulation that one of you will buy out everyone else's share.

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If you are indeed quite famous locally, then use your fame to get paying gigs. Use the gig money to pay for the PA. Then become more famous and get more money.


Make sure to establish ownership of the PA though. Someone should own the gear. Collective gear always has a way of causing bad blood when the band goes to hell.

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No way in h*ll will I ever agree to mutually bought band stuff. Too much issues, no band lasts forever and if you want to quit, try getting back 33% of cables, speakers, mics and so on.


That said, if you're famous on a local level, wouldn't that translate to paying gigs ? Which would culminate in eventually getting enough money?


But I see NUTT's already addressed both my points :D

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I'm not quite understanding. If you are locally famous, you should be able to get paid the £350 by doing one show.


End of story.


Meanwhile, all of old-timers (and many not-so-old) can give you horror stories about buying band gear in common with your mates.


I know you're not thinking about it now, but the biggest question is what happens when someone leaves the band or if the band breaks up?

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My uni band used to save up all our gig earnings. Then when we wanted to get some recording gear, those who were willing to put in more money toward that gear got the right to keep the gear after the band's lifetime expired. So I paid half towards some decent mics, the band fund paid the rest, I still have and use them years later.


You may be too young to get a day job but there are plenty of other ways to earn money - and playing gigs is the obvious one if your band is as well known as you say!



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